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Competing through e-skills
Luxembourg and its second level digital divide

Cambridge, 7-10 September 2016

The capability of enterprises in Luxembourg and the Greater Region to compete and evolve is becoming increasingly dependent on the innovative and effective use of new information and communication technologies (ICT).

Nico Binsfeld
Nico Binsfeld, CEO House of Training, Luxembourg

In today’s highly competitive business environment, technology is a key enabling factor for communication, innovation and efficiency. However, across many global economies, the demand for workers with relevant e-skills is intensifying, and supply is failing to meet this demand.

Overall, in Luxembourg companies have good basic ICT skills. However, there are clear signs of an emerging "Second Level Digital Divide" and there is a strong demand for IT professionals in virtually every industry. The e-skills gap is particularly alarming when examining new emerging technologies.

The rate of change of ICT is fast moving and is increasingly difficult to keep pace with. As such, the ICT profession must be agile and flexible enough to adapt to, as well as, to shape these changes. Rapid change can also raise new problems with education and training in keeping up-to-date with technological developments.
The lack of training/education, the focus on the wrong skills, and the issue of outdated education systems and educators are seen as the primary training/education related barriers to the growth or impact of newly emerging technological trends, as cloud computing, social media technologies, big data or the Internet of things that drive economic transformation and economic growth.

The new skills need to be taught at different levels to ensure maximum reach. This is the responsibility of higher education institutions and also those active in executive and further training.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Luxembourg’s ICT ecosystem

Strengths & Weaknesses

To download the presentation made by Nico Binsfeld at 11th PhD Seminar of International Telecommunications Society (Cambridge)
please click here. To download the associated paper click here.

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